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San Bernardo, one of the most important touristic points of Salta

San Bernardo Mountain

One of the must see places in the city of Salta is the Cerro San Bernardo. It is a place worth visiting since from its summit can be obtained a magnificent view of the city.


There are different ways to reach the summit of Cerro San Bernardo, may be by walking, car or using modern cable cars. From the top you can see a remarkable landscape where the architecture blends with the landscape of lush vegetation. The terraces and balconies resort located there (made from the stones of the hill) give away amazing postcards.

From there you can also see other interesting points like roads to the city of Cafayate, the roads leading to Campo Quijano, the World Championship stadium and a beautiful landscape of the city of Salta.
Also you can see the domes of the churches San Francisco, La Merced and the Catedral y Basílica de Salta.

The views are not the only reason to get to the top, there is also an artificial waterfall whose waters run among the lush vegetation and there is also a Via Crucis. The Via Crucis is crossed by pilgrims on the first Sunday of May in commemoration of the Cross day. It is also one of the points chosen to go at Easter.

The sunset is perhaps one of the most beautiful moment to visit this point of Salta when city lights illuminate the amphitheater where some event always takes place. There is also a coffee house where you can appreciate the view of the place while having a drink.

More details...

The Cerro San Bernardo was declared as a Municipal Natural Reserve. It is a natural space where native flora and fauna are preserved. Some of the species that can be seen are quebrachos, ceibos and carob. They can also be striking birds such as woodpeckers and other animals like hummingbirds and snakes.

The Cerro San Bernardo was important in the history of Salta well as inspirational poems, anecdotes passions and popular folklore.

Another curiosity of hill is to be part of a valuable geological, paleontological and historical heritage. The stratified layers realize the passage of time, according to experts in the field, about 500 million years ago this area was a marine platform covered by a sea.

Important Facts

- You can take the cable car every day between 10:00 and 19:00.

- The best moment to visit this place is at the sunset.

- The cable car takes eight minutes to reach the top.

- The cable car leaves from the Parque San Martin in the intersection of the avenues San Martin and Hipólito Yrigoyen.

- It is recommended descending by foot with daylight, to keep insurance.

- There is a tarmac road ideal to reach in car and bike also.