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Night and Party in Salta City

Salta is one of the main points to know in Northern Argentina, has several spots and tourist attractions to visit during the day and also with several options to enjoy the night ...

Paseo de los Poetas


Options for everyone

In recent years, young people have modified the old and traditional folk, groups adapted by a new musical aesthetic while maintaining the strong roots of tradition. Of course the art of guitar playing remains as always.
For lovers of traditional folklore and also for those who do not know well or want to approach the culture of the place are the “peñas” where it can be enjoyed artistic performances and breathe the air of different musical artists like Los Chalchaleros, Los Nocheros, Chaqueño Palavecino among other important groups that delight the national public as well as international.
Salta is regarded as the birthplace of great artists or the cradle of folklore of northern Argentina as one of the richest provinces in the Argentine folkloric space, with a number of renowned national and international artists.
During the “peñas” can be seen zambas dances, chacareras, cats and malambo while watching the typical clothes used by the gauchos and dancers.

Another option is to visit the Plaza July 9 at night, is as magnificent as day. The proposal is to sit down for a drink in one of the small cafes that surround it.
There are other options as well as pubs, casinos and nightclubs. For lovers of tango there are “tanguerías” where you can enjoy live shows.
Of course there are also cinemas, theaters and everything you can imagine, as well as bars of jazz, rock, bohemian environments and rockers.

An unmissable Balcarce

The Balcarce street known as "La Balcarce" is a space that has an area of ten blocks. It starts a few hundred meters from the main square, the Plaza July 9 at the intersection of pedestrian Florida and Caseros. Ends at the station where part the Train to the Clouds. In the range of "La Balcarce" can be found other places and hotels.
The main feature of this street is to be the center of the nightlife of the city of Salta where it can also try food of local cuisine. Visiting this area is an ideal place to try salteñas patties, cheese, fresh chayote, chopped with beans, homemade salami and goat cheese.
The restaurants also offer international cuisine.
In this street on weekends and holidays Craft Fair takes place Balcarce Street where you can find a variety of crafts such as textiles examples, pottery, basketry, wood products, silverware and more.
Balcarce Street is the center of nightlife for both young families and old people as there are options for all tastes and ages.