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UFO and mysteries: Cachi

UFO airport in Cachi

Cachi is one of the most important turistic places in Salta. It is one of those points that must be visited ... In an excursion, in a trip weekend or why not to spend a few days to know it better. Those travelers interested in UFO phenomena, will find a place of great interest.


Cachi is a town situated in the Calchaqui Valleys. It is a place that seems frozen in time, with narrow stone streets and houses of colonial and rustic style. The customs seem maintained, it is a village where life is unhurried. There is such a tranquility that it seems that never pass anything ... But, there are several anecdotes and interesting stories. Local people say that they have seen UFOs. It seems hard to believe, but there are several people who claim to have had this experience.

For those interested in paranormal stories and mysteries, the appointment is in Cachi UFO landing strip. This striking place is located near the airstrip for private flights, way to the cemetery.


The UFO landing strip was built by a Swiss citizen. This man claims to have built it in response to telepathic orders of the commander of a flying saucer.

The UFO landing strip is a path made of stones of a star that has about 36 points with 48 meters in diameter that can be seen from above.

The site is as enigmatic as flashy. Many people claim to have seen UFOs, then ... Why not to travel to Cachi and wait for the UFOs?