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What can we see in Salta City?

View of Salta from San Bernardo mountain

The City of Salta has a rich historical and cultural heritage. It also has nature spaces. In the next lines we present the principal places of Salta.


The Historical Cabildo de Salta

is an architectural related to the colonial period. It is the oldest building in the city of Salta. A part from that, is the best Cabildo preserved in Argentina.
Inside the Cabildo there is the Museo Histórico del Norte Argentino with nine showrooms. Among the most interesting rooms there are the Hall of Archaeology and the room that displays objects that belonged to General Güemes. Another striking room is the Sacred Art where important pieces that were created using wood are preserved.

The Cathedral

The full name is Catedral Basílica de Salta y Santuario del Señor y la Virgen del Milagro. It is located in the center of the city.
It was declared as a National Monument of Argentina. It is Baroque and has a beautiful ornamentation.

Museo Catedralicio

This museum is located behind the Cathedral, is a space where you can see important paintings. There are also pieces of jewelry, garments and ornaments.

Convento de San Francisco

It is one of the best known postcards of Salta with a combination of ocher colors, white and yellow.

Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña (MAAM)

In the Museo Arqueológico de Alta montaña you can see the famous mummified bodies of the three “Niños de Llullaillaco” and also samples of different elements that were found with the mummies.

The Cerro San Bernardo

You can climb on foot or by car through a zigzagging path. Another option is to take the cable car. The cable car is an important engineering work, it was done with items brought from Switzerland.
From the summit of the Cerro you can get a magnificent view of the city and the Lerma Valley.

The Mercado Artesanal

The Mercado Artesanal is situated in a historic building which belonged to the Jesuits. It became the first Artisan Market of the country. There you can get objects done in ceramic and wood, besides other local products.

Plaza 9 de Julio

It is the main square of the city of Salta. There you can find the Monument to General Arenales surrounded by 14 women statues representing the provinces that existed at that time. It is a tree-lined square with drunk sticks, ombúes and other species.

Monumento 20 de Febrero

The Monument to the Battle of Salta is better known as Monumento 20 de Febrero,is situated in its namesake park. It was made to commemorate the victory of General Manuel Belgrano.

If you want to learn more about the city of Salta, we recommend doing the City Tour. It lasts three hours and includes tour guide.