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Cafayate, a place of film

Cafayate is a tourist town in the Valles Calchaquíes. It is located in the southwestern of Salta.

Relatos Salvajes en Cafayate

Cafayate becomes famous because of the scenes from the movie Relatos Salvajes. The movie was the winner from the Goya Award as the best Latinoamerican film.

Its director Damian Szifrón was several weeks in the town of Cafayate to film one of the unusual stories of action on the route starring by actor Leonardo Sbaraglia. The film shows scenes shot on National Route 68 bridge up to Morales, a legendary bridge located on the Rio Las Conchas.


It is noteworthy that Salta and Cafayate are nowadays position as ideal locations for upcoming national movies as well as for international films. The reasons why Salta is presented as the protagonist are, first, its striking diversity of landscapes and on the other hand, the people who contribute much.

The movie Relatos Salvajes was not the only movie filmed in Cafayate, the cartoon cowboy Lucky Lue was also filmed in the Nature Reserve Quebrada de las Conchas.

Tourist Attractions in Cafayate

There are several qualities that make Cafayate an ideal place to film movies and also to plan a vacation or a getaway trip.
The main attraction is the Quebrada de las Conchas a Nature Reserve, also called Quebrada de Cafayate. It is a natural area located very close to Cafayate where you can see different landforms. The most striking landforms are the Garganta del Diablo and El Anfitetatro.
Another tourist atraction are the caves of cave paintings of San Isidro and the waterfalls Tres Cascadas which are formed by the Río Colorado.In addition, complete tourism in Cafayate Salta tasting wines, especially the Torrontés wine, a fruity varietal with a strong personality originating in these lands.

Tips to tavel

Any season is a good opportunity to meet Cafayate. When planning the trip in February or November, should organize the trip in advance because of the important events such as the Serenata a Cafayate (an important event that brings together artists from around the country) and the  Fiesta Nacional del vinoTorrontés.

The tour to Cafayate

Another way to visit Cafayate is through an excursion from the city of Salta. Our company, Dexotic.com proposes an itinerary that lasts a full day (12 hours) in which about 390 kilometers are traveled.

During the tour you can meet little towns with adobe houses. The excursion continues to the Quebrada de las Conchas it is also name as Quebrada de Cafayate, previously passed through a ghost town located at the beginning of the geological formation.