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Adventure Tourism and adrenaline in Salta

The diversity of landscapes in Salta invite you to practice adventure tourism. There are high mountains, lakes, deserts, jungles and rivers that represent suitable places for the practice of several adventure sports. Also, you can practice and live the adrenaline with extreme sports.
It is important to mention that for the vast majority of activities, you do not need previous experience to practice them, but it is convenient to do this activities with qualified companies because they have tour guides and instructors apart from insurance.

Adventure in Salta

Some adventure tourism activities are...


Horseback ride

It is an activity that can be done by anyone. In the case of children, they must be older than six years. During the activity you can visit Chicoana. This town is a booming tourist spot located a few kilometers from the city of Salta. The landscape is beautiful with mountains and colonial buildings.

Mountain Bike

It is an activity that can be performed by anyone who can ride a bike. One of the scenarios for practice this activity it is the Yungas Circuit.
It is important to say that there are different paths with different degrees of difficulty adapted to the different conditions of the participants. For those people who have more experienced there are competitions and championships.


This exciting sport can be done in the Juramento river, with the water that comes from snowmelt.


Salta offers the possibility to enjoy the Yungas by practicing trekking. During the activity you can see the typical vegetation of the region and go to the points where the best views of the city of Salta are obtained.

For those who want to practice extreme sports the options are…

You can experience the feeling of freedom and jump tied with a rope, this practice is called bungee jumping . Another extreme sports option, is canopy you can practice it while enjoying breathtaking views.

To enjoy these adventure sports and to live the adrenaline is necessary to be prepare with comfortable clothing, trekking shoes and sunscreen.
The diferent operator offers the best service with transfers (in- out), accompanied with expert guides and snacks. Some of the proposals include grilled and roasted veggie alternative.

For more info about adventure options in Salta, check http://www.dexotic.com/salta/en/adventure.html