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Salta Tourism: What to see and what to do this Summer 2015

Whether you’re looking to relax, to have an adventure, to explore the unknown, or to make some unforgettable memories, Salta is the province that offers all this and much more, at affordable prices for everyone. You could take a trip to the Calchaquí valleys (where you can find the timeless, living postcard that is Cachi), El Carril, Cerrillos, La Merced or take the Tren de las Nubes (not working actually). Salta offers its visitors the beauty of its national parks, the excitement of adventure tourism and the wonders of its tourist destinations – with archaeological, religious, rural, folk and gaucho tourism, there’s never a shortage of sights to see and things to do.

Cafayate Tour

For wine lovers, Salta is a province with a great winemaking tradition, which has delighted the most demanding palates the world over. Among its winemakers, we can mention Domingo Hermanos, Feliz Lávaque, El Cese, El Porvenir and Miraluna, among many others. The Ruta del Vino (the Wine Road), with its immense and diverse sights, colours and tastes, is an experience that no wine lover can miss.


Visitors to the province can relax at the El Sauce thermals or in one of the several sources of thermal water in the Hotel Termas in Rosario de la Frontera. You can also take a mountain bike trip in the andes – the classic Salinas Grandes in Jujuy (Large Salt Flats), the amazing multicolor landscapes of Cafayate, or daring safaris to the clouds.

Salta’s cuisine is known throughout the whole country, from its classic empanadas to its lesser-known dishes such as huaschalocro, frangollo, cuaresmillo jam and cane honey. Salta’s food is aEmpanadas-like cornish pasty reflection of the diverse, dynamic culture of the Argentine northwestern region. Many recipes have been passed down through generations since colonial times, but with the passing of the years, these Spanish classics have been updated, enriched and improved with local additions such as corn and quinoa. Andean meat, such as chivito (goat), lamb and llama, is a must-try, and quite a delight when accompanied by other classics, such as humita, and desserts such as quesillos, candied nuts and colaciones.

Salta’s cultural calendar deserves a special mention. Throughout the entire year, you can visit living postcards from this province’s past, such as colonial buildings and towns that have preserved their rich cultural heritage in their crafts, cuisine and events. You can take part in a peña (a massive folk music jam), historical museums, Carnaval, the Feast of the Pachamama, the Arts and Crafts Market, the Folk Ballet, the Symphonic Orchestra, the Provincial Ballet and other must-visit events.

Whatever you’re looking for – whether it’s a space to relax, a new adventure to experience, an enriching cultural trip, delicious and innovative wines, a unique cuisine, or to stand in awe of some of the most amazing landscapes of the worls, Salta is the place to go.