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TREKK Cuesta del Obispo

Trekking in Los Cardones National Park

A unique journey to fully enjoy one of the roughest sections of the Argentine Northwest. An unforgettable journey where enjoying nature with "the five senses". This is a different option where nature interpretation, multiple photo stops, visits to archaeological sites and observation of flora and fauna is made.
It is a trek through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region with magnificent views of the Cuesta del Obispo and "Los Cardones" National Park.

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MTB Yungas

MTB Salta

The geography of Salta province lends itself to a journey by bicycles becomes a journey full of surprises, adventures and places to discover.
Crossing rivers, old bridges, mountains and ravines, is accessed places where it would be difficult to do otherwise.

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TREKK to the Clouds

Trekk tothe Clouds

Live this amazing experience in the NorthWest region of Argentina. Walking in the mountains through the ancient Inca trail, this journey will take you to discover ruins, spectacular views and landscapes.
Enjoy warm moments with local inhabitants sharing dinners and campfire in camping sites. Break on through the clouds and join this adventure!!

Upcoming departures confirmed for 2017:

14 April / 24 May / 7 June / 9 Agosto / 6 Septiembre / 20 September/ 4 October / 18 October/ 1 November / 15 November/ 6 December.

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MTB Bull Circuit

Biking the Bull Gorge

This is a Mountain Bike circuit chosen by the majority of people who have some experience in cycling or already made another of the bike tours as the MTB Rainforest Circuit and left wanting some more. It goes through natural scenery of immensely beautiful and magnificence.

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MTB Downhill Cuesta del Obispo

Downhill Mountain Bike in Cuesta del Obispo

It´s a cold morning in the city of Salta. The sky is cloudy, yet it doesn’t look like it will rain. After a nice breakfast, we hop into the van and start our two hour trip to Piedra del Molino, where we will stop, grab the bikes and start descending the famous and impressive Cuesta del Obispo.
This beautiful road is located halfway between Salta and Cachi, going through some of the most prominent landscapes in the region and the country.

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White Water Rafting

Salta Rafting

Making Rafting in Salta is one of the favorite activities that anyone wishing to venture should not be lost. For more than three years that this activity is positioned as the most important in terms adventure tourism.

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TREKK Yungas


The mountains surrounding Salta City are perfect for hiking and to enjoy the nature, recognizing different plant and animal species.

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Horse Back Ridings

Horseback Riding

A classic activity for lovers of horses and nature, is a horseback riding. Salta presents scenaries for unmatched outdoor experience.

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Parapente en Salta

IMPORTANT: Currently they are not performing flights as there are no qualified instructors.

The city of Salta and its surroundings are a perfect location for paragliding enthusiasts and beginners who are looking for their baptism flight. Lerma Valley itself regulates the weather and generates ideal flying conditions for paragliding beginners and first-timers. A tandem flight (ie. with an instructor) is a great way to see Salta from the air and have your paragliding baptism at the same time!

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The trips in four tracks are ideal for people who like motor vehicles to interact with nature in a way more comfortable and faster than a vehicle with traction blooded, such as bicycles.

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Birdwatching in Campo Alegre Lake

Birdwatching Salta

Un opción muy interesante de medio día para disfrutar de unos de los embalses más bellos de la provincia, el desconocido Dique Campo Alegre, donde sus aguas se mantienen libres de contaminación y su gran variedad de aves lo hacen perfecto para su observación.Luego de buscar a los pasajeros por el hotel, se va hacia el Norte por Ruta 9 pasando por los pueblos de Vaqueros y La Caldera hacia el Lago Campo Alegre (45 a 50 min de viaje).

Se llega a la cara norte del Lago , donde se comienza a caminar por la orilla del mismo identificando las aves de la zona.
Este embalse es un lugar ideal para la observación de aves ya que al contar con un ámbito lacustre y otro de monte con diferencia de pocos metros entre uno y otro, hay una variedad de aves muy interesante. Se pueden observar desde Patos, Gársas, Cigüeñas a Horneros, Tijeretas, Tordos, Lechuzas....etc. También se pueden apreciar las plantas autóctonas, sus flores y obviamente en un paisaje mágico rodeados de montañas, lago, flora y fauna. Todo esto hace de esta salida una experiencia inolvidable.
La caminata es de aproximadamente 3 horas, luego de esto, se vuelve hacia el pueblo de La Caldera donde se visita el casco histórico del siglo XVIII, La Iglesia Jesuítica y el Cristo Monumental. Hay tiempo contemplado para almorzar en uno de los restaurantes del Pueblo y tiempo libre hasta las 15 hs aprox. cuando comienza el regreso a la ciudad de Salta, llegando a esta a hs 16:00 hs. aprox. dejando a los pasajeros en sus respectivos alojamientos.

  • Duración: Medio Día. 3 horas de caminata aproximadamente (La duración es variable de acuerdo al nivel del grupo).
  • Horarios de salida: 7.00 en verano y 7.30 invierno
  • Horario de regreso: Alrededor de las 16 hs.
  • Grado de Dificultad: Fácil. Pueden participar todo tipo de personas, con un mínimo estado físico y una mínima habilidad para caminar. Circuito adaptable.
  • Región: Valle de Lerma / Camino de cornisa / Cordillera Oriental o Precordillera.
  • Precio: Ver los precios de excursiones en Salta
  • Incluye: Traslados, snacks dulces y salados, guias bilingues, Seguros.
  • Que Traer: Ropa Cómoda - Gorro - Lentes de Sol - Zapatillas o sandalias tipo Trekking - Protector Solar

Canoeing in the Lake

Canotaje en Salta

The excursions in Canadian canoes are the perfect excuse to enjoy the warm summer evenings in Salta. Paddling accessing the best places to swim, relax, walk or get in touch with nature.

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Trips in 4WD Vehicles

Travesía 4x4

For the diversity of its territory, Salta has a geography prepared to meet the expectations of fans and professionals demanding journeys in 4x4 vehicles.
There are several routes ideal to test the most experienced driver, these are just some of the circuits that can be performed in the region.

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Fly Fishing in Mountain Rivers

Fly Fishing Salta

The fly fishing is not for everyone, requires technique, patience and above all, an inexplicable passion for this unique and fascinating activity.
Hang out in search of "dorados" in Salta ends becoming a true adventure travel through the rainforest.

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